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Mica materials

Mica materials

SILENT-CZECH supply materials of company VonRoll with mica paper Samica® impregnatable,flexible,thermoactiv,extremely compact and temperature resistant insulating systems for motor,generators,transformers and wires for winding.

Mica,which occurs in nature as coal or uranium is a raw material,which exhibits excellent dielectric,thermal and physical properties.Thermal chemical and mechanical action is produce material pulp,similar paper, and after further processing of mica is produced world-renowned Samica®paper,which forms the basis of every high-voltage insulation.

This natural material exhibits excellent properties as raw material for industry materiasl too, which are resistant against high temperatures. Mica is combinated with various carrier materials, to achieves mechanical strength , during processing to elektrical insulating materials as tapes,foils or plates . Mica paper Samica® is produced how from mica muskovit, so from mica flogopit, and therefore this unique material can be delivered for uses,which are outside elektrotechnic,in the required quality and in an appropriate form.

Materials for insulation of wires and strengthening of insulation between threads

Materials for insulation of ends of coils and for similar use

Materials for main insulation of insulating systems Resin-Rich

Materials for main insulation of insulating systems VPI (the vacuum pressure impregnation)

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