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Special products

Special products


type of wire: Structure: Charakteristics: Typical uses:
high-frequency  cables  cables once,twice gimped with cotton or with polyamid fiber   coils for high-frequency applikations
rolled copper  cables cables not isolated or isolated with polyester foil, glas fiber,cotton fiber,aramid paper etc. rolled profile cables of tinned painted or bare individual wires with insulation or without insulation throttles and transformers for high-frequency applikations
longitudinally insulated wires bare and painted wires,aramid paper (with mica or without), cotton paper, polyester resin bare and painted wires longitudinally insulated with aramid paper painted with curable layer,bare wires insulated longitudinally with cotton paper and painted with polyester resin dry transformers,pole coils,high voltage windings,starter motors
cables Samicaflex® cable, mica tape, braid with glas fiber for rated voltage 1,1 / 3,3 / 6,6 and 13,8 kV insulation not contains halogens and is non-flammable security cables for oil patforms,high -rise buildings, buildings,tunnels,traffic systems,nuclear technology etc.
round wires insulated with fiber or foil bare and painted wires,insulated with silk, polyamid and polyester fibers, polyester foil or combination thereof in the limited space may be fiber braided coils for special applikations, coils for oscillators
insulation of superconductors   design of insulation according to specific project medical technology, research projects, linear magnets, accelarator of particles
connecting cables   insulation from fiber,foils or combinations thereof connections in electrical apparatus,e.g. in refrigeration compressors
nickel cables   temperature-resistant to 720 °C wires for special windings


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