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Lamination of specific materials


We developed different kind of insulation material with one or two side of adhesive. We are able to laminate wide range of insulation materials like electrical insulating presspaper, polyester film (Mylar®, Hostaphan®), aramid paper (Nomex®), flexible laminates on base of polyester film and electrical insulating presspaper (Myoflex® LS, Thermofilm® MP), flexible laminates on base of polyester film and polyester fleece (Myoflex® PV, PVS, PF, DM, DMD), flexible laminates on base of polyester film and aramid paper Nomex® (Myoflex® 1N, 2N50, 80, 130, Myoflex® 2N130NC, NP, NPN), flexible laminates on base of aramid paper Nomex® and  polyimid film (Myoflex® 1NK, 2NK, NK, NKN), polyimid film (Kapton®, Apical®), conductive and semiconductive products etc. 
According to customer requests we use the right adhesive system for each application. The main  parameters are stickiness, temperature class, thickness and mechanical properties. 
Standard thickness are from 0,023 mm to 1 mm.
Finished rolls are in widths till 1600 mm.


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