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Wires insulated with fiber materials, tapes,foils

Wires insulated with fiber materials, tapes,foils

Production braided and taped wire is one of the world's spcialties of company VonRoll. SILENT-CZECH supplies komplete range ot these wires.Round and profile wires,bare or painted,we deliver according to the customer wishes with special insulating.


wire type insulation composition: thermal index °C: Application: the most common types:
Samicafilm® tapes based on mica paper 180 high voltage machines, motors fed from frequency converters 2SA581, 3SA851, 3SA571
Aramid  paper aramid paper Nomex® 180 dry transformers,throttles,pole coils  
Polyimid polyimid foil Kapton® 220 traction motors,motors for rolling machines,mining machines,motors for ships and planes FO 100, FO 180
Silix® glas fiber impregnated with: polyesterimid, silicone, epoxid resin,  epoxid resin in state B 200 Roebel bars, rotating machines, dry transformers,radiators  1 Silix, 2 Silix
Daglas® mixed fiber glas/polyester, not impregnated or impregnated with : polyesterimid, silicone, epoxid resin, epoxid resin in state B 180 Roebel bars, rotating machines,dry transformers,radiators 1 Daglas, 2 Daglas
cotton cotton fiber 90 oil transformers  

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