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Winding wires

Winding wires

Electric motors,transformers,coils and relays have something in common:winding wires.During their manufacture is initially bare copper wire using modern machinery gradually pulled to the desired diameter and subsequently isolated kinds of materials.In the electronics and electrical industry with these high-quality wires and coil windings produces.Winding wire with special insulation materials are used for the production of linear magnets,superconductors and licenses for high-frequency electronics.Temperature 180°C poses high demand for each wire insulation.Company SILENT-CZECH offers painted,gimped,taped or braided wires,wich meet the highest requirements in the manufacture of electrical machines.Winding wires offered by company SILENT-CZECH representing the latest technology. Increasingly high quality and design of the insulation for each individual applikation it ensures the safety and reliability of products. 


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