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Adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes

SILENT-CZECH offers electrical adhesive tapes, for use in high voltage and low voltage applikations.We offer adhesive tapes with various carriers of materials such as polyester foil,polyester felt,glass fabric, polyimid foil, Nomex® etc.We deliver as standard adhesive tapes for temperature classes E - C. See below the common types.Total supply is considerably larger.

Width of the tape to measure

We are able to offer width of tapes according to requirement of customer, which don´t ask for high minimum quantity of order and don't cause higher costs, with applikation of a new, effective manufacturing concept. We deliver as standard the width of 2 mm.

Adhesive tapes for electrical use with polyester foil

Adhesive tapes for electrical use laminated

Adhesive tapes for electrical use with polyester foil reinforced with glass fibers

Adhesive tapes for electrical use with glass fabric

Ahesive tapes for electrical use with acetate fabric

Adhesive tapes for electrical use with polyimid foil

Adhesive tapes for electrical use paper-based

Adhesive tapes with metal foil 

Adhesive tapes used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards and for powder coating 



Inclusion in the temperature classes


Every adhesive tape, generally every insulating material, is included in the certain temperature class. Temperature classes are referred to uppercase and indicate the highest temperature, which can be adhesive tape permanently stressed.


Temperature class

The highest temperature of permanently use












200°C, respectively+ giving temperature



Rubber adhesive (130°C)

Rubber adhesives is due the additions of resins and substances for increase resistance to aging, good stickness and is resistant to impregnating varnishes and resins.

Acrylate adhesive (155°C)

The layer of acrylate adhesive, which is made from syntetic polymers,is generally thinner than rubber adhesive. Acrylate adhesive is resistant to light and aging. Resits well to impregnating resins including resins based on unsaturated polyesters. It is resistant to solvents and some oils.

Silicone adhesive (180°C)

Only silicone adhesive based on polysiloxans meets the requirements of insulating class H (permanently temperature 180°C).  In a combination with nonflammable carriers (polyimid, glass fabric) is yielding an adhesive tape for applikations in extremelly conditions.

Thermosetting adhesives

By thermosetting adhesives occurs the elevated temperature to cure the adhesive layer. Thereby increasing its stickiness and especially resistance to impregnating resins .  


Heat settings conditions

Rubber and acrylate adhesive:

1 hour by 150°C

2 hour by 130°C

3 hour by 120°C


silicone adhesive

2 hours by 260°C

24 hours by 260°C recommended for maximum protection against solvents



R                            rubber adhesive

RT                          rubber adhesive, heat settings

RS                          rubber adhesive,resistant to ignition

A                            acrylate adhesive

AT                          acrylate adhesive,heat settings

AT FR                     acrylate adhesive,heat settings,resistant to ignition

Si                           silicone adhesive

SiT                         silicone adhesive ,heat settings

A/Carbon                acrylate adhesive with carbon

A/Silber                  acrylate adhesive with silver

SR/R                      syntetic adhesive/resin

NR/R                      natural adhesive/resin



Adhesive tapes are certified according to number  UL (file number E20780, E315249) and according to CSA (file number LR96327):

(0) adhesive tape isn't certified according to UL

(1) adhesive tape is resistant to ignition according to UL510


Storage conditions

Adhesive tapes should be stored in their original containers, protected from light,by temperature between 15°C and 25°C, by relative humidity 50 ±30%. It is recommended by using of adhesive tape , which is stored by temperature lower than 15°C, to place the tape at 24 hours to room temperature, the tape gets back its characteristic properties.


Dimensional tolerances of tape widths

Adhesive tapes with foils:                                      ±0,2 mm (±1/64“)

Adhesive tapes with fabrics:                                  ±0,4 mm (±1/64“)

Adhesive tapes laminated:                                     ±0,2 mm (±1/64“)

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