Electrical insulating materials

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For low-voltage machines and transformers:

For low-voltage machines and transformers:

Impregnating resins with reactive solvents for dipping technology or VPI - for low-voltage machines and transformers:


Type: Type of resin: Contens of non-volatile substances: Temperature resistance TP/HC*: Viscosity by 20°C: Certified according to UL: Applikations and properties:
DAMISOL®  3014 polyester-imid styren H 180 mPa.s no for different applikations
DAMISOL®  3032 polyester-imid styren 200/180 90-300 mPa.s yes Suitable for low-voltage motors,long shelf life, avaiable filled with material Silica.
DAMISOL®  3037 polyester-imid styren 180/220 150-300 mPa.s yes Suitable for low-voltage stators,more flexible than 3032.
DAMISOL®  3305-2 polyester-imid styren 180/155 85 mPa.s yes Flexible, suitable for stators of low-voltage motors amd pumps
DAMISOL®  3050-2 polyester diallyphtalate 220/220 700 mPa.s yes Low contens of volatile substances,good temperature resistance 
DAMISOL®  3340 polyester-imid vinyltoluen 180/220 300-500 mPa.s yes Similar properties as  3032.
DAMISOL®  4304 epoxid without F 150 mPa.s no Excellent mechanical strength,bonding of dynamo a transformer sheets

* = temperature resistance measured by twisted pairs (TP) or helical coil (HC)



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